Android device makers are now free from Google!

Android device makers are now free from Google!
Android device makers are now free from Google!

Google's web giant Google raises the limitation imposed on Android device makers The company took such steps after the dispute with the European Union or the EU.

So far, Android-powered tablets or smartphone makers had the obligation to use Android operating systems and keep their own apps and play stores full line-up. Now the company under Alfabet is withdrawing the limitations.

In addition to Google's own services, some services will now be pre-installed on devices.

Google has announced that it has changed its policy on a blog post.

Google has continued to fight with the EU even after taking steps to remove its restrictions or limitations. The company is continuing the appeal against the $ 500 million fine imposed by the EU, according to the BBC's report.

In July this year, the European Commission imposed a fine on the European Commission. The penalty was imposed on Google allegations that Google was using the dominance of Android illegally to further strengthen its position in the search field.

Google's blog post says the new licensing system will be effective from October 29. This policy applies only to the devices sold in the European Economic Area or the EEA. In this region, there are EU countries with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

So far, a handset or tablet maker would have to keep Chrome
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