Aston Martin showed flying car

Aston Martin
Aston Martin showed flying car

Flight Concepts or Concept shows the luxury and sports car maker Aston Martin. The electric taxi has been called 'a sports car for the sky'.

Ashton Martin unveils the idea of ​​this three-segment hybrid electric vehicle in Fernbero Airshow held this week. Although it is still a concept, the British tabloid Mirror has reported that the future could revolutionize the transport system.

The vodka vaishan in the volcano can fly vertically. Its maximum speed is 322 kilometers per hour.

"It takes about half an hour to go to the center of Birmingham from London to the center at this pace," said Simon Sproull, the staff of Aston Martin.

Already the start of the work of electric flying taxi project has been started by many builders Airbus, Uber and many start-up organizations. Among the startups, Google co-founder Larry Page's key is right.
Aston Martin is hoping to maintain dominance in luxury luxurious future.

"Clearly, this is a luxurious object, it is a sports car in the sky, so its price will also be consistent with it, it is definitely seven digits," said Sprouul.

Along with Cranfield University, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and luxury car maker Rolls-Royce, it has already collaborated with Aston Martin to create this flyover.

Rolls-Royce has given the idea of ​​another flying craft different from the same event. This flight can carry four to five passengers at a maximum of 250 miles per hour. Once it is 500 miles in full charge you can get it.
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