Innovation of new technologies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease

new technologies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease
new technologies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease
Researchers have recently invented a 3D printing technology, which can print the design of a blood type complex geometry. Through this process, an artificial artery and limb cells can be made. Researchers at the University of Colorado University (CU) Boulder researched this. This information has been communicated in a PTI report.

The research paper has been published in the 'Nature Communications' magazine. Researchers say that the method of printing layer by layer or level will be difficult to control how difficult the object will be.

Researchers say their results will improve the field of treatment. It can be used in problems like high blood pressure and heart problems.

Associate Professor of University of Colorado (CU) Boulder, University of Colorado, said, "Our goal was to add independent mechanical components to the 3D framework, which works like normal body cells. This technology facilitates the construction of small structures, which can be customized to understand the nature of the disease.

Researchers said that there was always a solution to the effective treatment of heartburn and the replacement of tissue. To overcome this problem, researchers have found a unique way of using the role of oxygen, which is used in the printed structure of 3D technology.

The researcher Yuhhui Ding said, "We have used a layer that specifies the rate of oxygen transport. Exposure to oxygen transportation and lighting will have a great deal of control; This means that the structure of the structure will be made to soften any part of which it is soft and which part will be tough. It's a great progress in the way a healthy cell works, exactly the way it works.

Researchers say that it is possible to create a biometarium of 10 microns or 10 percent of human hair in their printers. They believe that it is possible to further develop the technology by research.
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