Older devices are now the target of hackers!

Older devices are now the target of hackers!
target of hackers!
Using an old fax machine in the office? Technology experts warn that cyber-mischief makers may target old fax machines. Older fax machines such as backdoors or back roads on any organization's network are now the hackers' favorite devices.

Israeli cyber security firm Czech-point experts found the security of the old fax machine. Their claims, the error of millions of fax machines around the world, which could make the road to the network for hackers. This information was provided in a report by The Star Online.

Experts say hackers send an image file via phone line to hack fax machines. Or send files that the device accepts as an image file. Software files in the image file are damaged. When the picture is taken, the picture decodes and decides to place it in the fax or printer's memory. The hackers get control of that device and spread the code to the whole network.

Checkpoint researcher Yaniv Balmas said that many companies are not on the head of the fax machine connected to the network. But the big office has fax facilities.

Of these there are many old office fax machines, which can not be updated. It is difficult for the organization to stop hackers from entering into their system.

Currently, around four crore fax machines are being used in the world. In addition to banking, health sector, legal institutions, which have touch queue information, contact them through fax.

Experts say it is necessary to check whether the fax machine update is useful to protect against cyber criminals. Keep fax device in secure network. The network that has sensitive information, is not a good fax network on the network.
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