Organic food reduces the risk of cancer

Organic foods
Organic foods

Those who eat organic food have low risk of their cancer. Such information has emerged in a study. It is found in the study that organic food intake is 25 percent less than the risk of cancer.

Researchers say that the food produced by chemical and pesticides in the field of conventional farming is at risk. They suggest that eating organic foods reduces the risk.

Researchers took the help of thousands of volunteers to manage the research. The researchers asked about 69 thousand France youths about their eating habits. Of those 1,300 forty people were at risk of cancer. They then watched their average five years.

It can be seen, the young people who took organic food at this time were less likely to have cancer. The results were different in different age, class and profession.

However, there is no specific evidence about the risk of cancer with non-organic food, says scientists.
Organic foods benefits
Organic foods benefits 

Get organic food, stay healthy

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