Robots to 'make' robots in China!

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Robots to 'make' robots
The Chinese factory has planned to build robots with robots, according to Swiss agency ABB.

The company will build a new factory for $ 15 million in Shanghai, China. Switzerland is the top company to make use of robots in the factory - News Reuters

The new factory will be built next to ABB's Chinese Robotics campus. The factory is expected to be launched in 2020.

Robot built in the factory will be supplied to different countries in Asia including China. After the United States, ABB's second largest market is China.

ABB Chief Executive Ulrich Speisoff said, "Shanghai has become an important center for leadership in ABB and global technology."

China's increasing number of robots is increasing day by day due to increased workers' wages. ABB said it was one of the three robots sold in 2017 in China, in China. The country bought about 138,000 robots.

ABB's new factory in China will have an area of ​​75,000 square feet. The software will be used to make people and robots work safely in the factory. In addition to the people, the 'Umi' robot will also be utilized in the factory.
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