Robots will taken away 7 million people's work. Will create more than 13 million!

Robots will taken people's work
Robots will taken people's work

Robot will manipulate the world of man's work across the globe. Robot will lose 70 million people due to work in 2022. But there is nothing to be scared about this. Because at the same time new technology will create 133 million new jobs.
The World Economic Forum has predicted this in a report. According to the report, the development of technology will save lives of many people, and it will give them the opportunity to do another work. But critics are warning that there will be no guarantee that the new job will be created in the place where the work goes. 'World Economic Forum' is a Switzerland-based research center. Every year they host a conference in Davos where celebrities from around the world are gathered around the world. Their report says that due to the robot and algorithms, the productivity of different types of work will increase greatly. But this will also have the opportunity to create new jobs.
Data analyst, software developer, social media specialist - this kind of work will increase a lot. But work like a teacher or a customer service worker, so much work will be made so that many obvious human qualities are needed. But the process of creating this new work will not be easy, reminding the various types of tragedy that will come in the way of this change.
Technology will also create new jobs for millions of people again.
Accounting institutions, factories, post offices, cashier's work - Robots will occupy the possession. In the face of this huge change, the staff will have to train new jobs, acquire new skills.
Note that last month, Bank of England's chief economist Andy Halden warned that thousands of people in Britain would lose work due to robots.
Mr. Halden said that if people have to create new jobs, companies need to be very creative. But there is doubt about whether it will be possible or not.
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