Shock in brain for math skills!

Shock in brain for math skills!
Shock in brain for math skills!

There are a lot of fears in school. But if the skill could be increased in the brain by electric shock, how would it be? Scientists are making efforts to increase the power by stimulating certain parts of the brain. Researchers at the University of Zurich are doing this by stimulating the brain. Christian Ruf and his colleagues are giving electricity to the volunteers. But volunteers are not getting this shake. In the transnational magnetic simulation process, artificially stimulating a place in the brain, which affects the power of the particle.

It is claimed that by taking this shock, the brain's ability to actually digitize is increasing. For 10 minutes volunteers made a difficult hard-minuscule figure. They said these results are shocking. Christian Rouge explained the matter, saying, "We have learned that whenever this part of the brain is stimulated, the volunteers make a good minuscule amount. That is, subtracting them is much easier. However, no effect was noticed during multiplication. It seems that this part is only responsible for subtraction. In another part, the skill of the skill has been enhanced by the shock.

They are predictable because there is a huge potential for all kinds of brain simulation. Christian Roof also said that in some research, the volunteers have tried to improve the working memory. They have to remember some numbers by stimulating the brain. Four months after doing this for a week, it has been found that those volunteers have kept the numbers better than others.

Not only in Zurich, but also in the United States, electricity is stimulated by the brain. This is being done for US military drone pilots. For hours they have to find the index of straw hides in front of their monitor screen. If there is a lack of attention, its consequences can be fatal. It is possible to increase concentration and attention through transnational magnetic simulation.

So our future is going to be like this? Christine Roof said, "Neuro Enhancement or the brain's ability to increase the normal capacity should be, the discussion is going on. There is a question about how much interference should be on the part of the body. Because if you increase the power of any part of the brain then there is a risk to reduce the risk of any other capacity.
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