Smart helmet 'Jarvish' on amazing features. (video)

Smart helmet 'Jarvish'
Smart helmet 'Jarvish'

The speed at which your car is moving or you can see what is behind you in the helmet. A Taiwan company has created such a 'smart helmet'. Its name is 'Jarvis'.

The helmet of the new look is like a normal helmet. But its performance is remarkable. To keep the driver safe, this helmet will play a multi-role role.

The 360-degree camera is equipped with a helmet. The driver who can see the front or behind, can see.

Smart helmets can be easily connected to smart phones. It has excellent displays. The Transparent Screen is in front of the helmet.

In addition to the time, the weather, when someone calls his or her name and phone number, how many speeds, which direction to go for the convenience of driving, and the speed of the speed of the area or the road speed can be seen.

The carbon fiber made helmet is sturdy enough. All data captured in 360 degree camera can be stored in memory.

As a result, if there is a need to prove the facts, just waiting for time to find a video.

Both Bluetooth or WiFi can connect with your phone. You can use 4 hours of continuous after charging.

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