The fastest camera in the world

New Camera Technology
New Camera Technology 

New camera technology

Researchers have demanded the development of the world's fastest cameras The camera can be captured by 10 trillion frames per second. Researchers say that due to the use of cameras, time can be stuck in frames, that is, the light can be seen very slowly.

Name of the camera made by the California Institute of Technology researcher T-Cup Their claims, the interaction between the light and the objects that are intricate, can be detected by the development of the camera.

According to a PTI report, photos of inert samples can be taken using the ultrashot laser pulse in the process of taking photographs, but this method is not suitable for taking pictures of moving objects. This is the record for the speed of taking photos in real time with the camera. It can be used in new generation microscope Apart from this, it can be used for various purposes like biomedical, physics.

Researcher Xinyang Liang said that there is a possibility of increasing the speed of the camera. It is possible to hold a quadrillion (one thousand trillion) frames per second.
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