Uncover the mystery of the rose

Uncover the mystery of the rose
mystery of the rose

Poetry has not written much in the roses; Now scientists say that they know the secret of the flowers in Ruposhi!

A team of 40 researchers from France, Germany, China, UK has recently unveiled the Pink Genome Sequence for the first time. Their research paper was published last month by the science journal Nature Genetics.
According to a report from Independent, this group of scientists identified a total of 36,377 genes of rose in their eight-year effort, including the genes responsible for its fragrance and color.
Researchers are hoping that possible to know the genes-design, the rose in the spices and the color will soon become more diverse.
The BBC has written, the gene-design of the rose has surprised the scientists. They say the very close relatives of the rose strawberry in the direction of genome sequence.
The head of the researcher's team, France's ENS de Leyn scientist, Muhammad BenDaman, told the BBC that they have discovered a book that is about the beginning of the history of the rose.
Uncover the mystery of the rose
mystery of the rose
"This is a book that will help us understand our rose better. Tell us about the history of the rose, its evolution and the story of the garden. "
Thousands of years ago, probably China started cultivating rose in the first garden. In the Roman era, there was a large variety of rose cultivation in the Middle East for aromatic and colorful paper making.
The New York Times wrote, Dr. Bendamann and his colleagues started their research with the Rosa chinensis roses, in Europe, whose name is 'Old Bloss'. That species rose from China in the 18th century in Europe.
Scientists say that it is possible to create roses now, which will remain fresh in flowering; There will be insects-free
This study has also highlighted other fruits of the Rosacea family - such as apples, nasal, strawberry gene-formatting.
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