Facebook advised teenagers girls to be half naked male friend!

Facebook security
Facebook security 

According to various sources, Facebook is advising "girls to be friends" with girls of middle age youth! There are 300 profiles suggested to teenagers who have joined Social Network since 13 years of age whom they can add to their profiles as friends, some of them middle-aged men, whose high-profile photo is as a Facebook profile picture .

Facebook said that signing up for this service is a common experience for teens and Facebook's recommendations are safe in the system. The British United Nations Organization for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Social Networking Platform urged the friends to suspend recommendation for the protection of children.

Andy Barros, chief associate of NSPCAC, Child Protection Online, said, "Those who are grooming are trying to surround the children's friendship groups in social networks, where children are being taken to live streaming or encrypted sites, in which sexual acts are easily occurring."

"Social networks have failed to secure their platform for children, and that is why the state will have to take firm and effective measures to ensure the safety of children."

According to Facebook, there are protections to protect the company's children. However, these campaigners have warned that networking grooms have to be closely monitored so that children do not have to face any of the hazardous situations.

A Facebook spokesman said, "Grooming is very serious and specially monitored for keeping our children especially safe for children, extensive research goes on and opinions are taken by external experts."

"We only restrict them to accept friendship requests from their known friends and we warn them before creating their public posts," the spokesman said.

In October, Facebook has removed 8.7 million user profile pictures on child nudity with machine learning software.
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