'Harley Davidson' is bringing electric bikes!

electric bikes
electric bikes

'Harley Davidson' shows new electric bikes or electric motorcycles on the Milan motorcycle show. The company's first electric motorcycle will come to market in 2019.

This new motorcycle is called Livewire. The world-renowned American company, motorcycle manufacturer, has not given any information about the speed of the motorcycle, how many kilometer it will run at once, or what the charging system will be.

Earlier, the prototype of the motorcycle showed Harley-Davidson. The new version shows its full design. The idea is to come to market in this design in 2019 - News Technology Site Verge.

During the disclosure of livewire prototype, the manufacturer has claimed that the motorcycle will take less than four seconds to take 60 miles per hour from zero to less than four seconds. In 'save mode' the motorbike will run in full charge once it is 55 miles. It is assumed that this can be done in more ways in the production version.

Electric Motorcycles of the company like Zero Motorcycles may already run 100 miles in full charge. So it seems to be the case with Harley-Davidson.

The manufacturer of the new electric motorcycle will tell how much the market price will be. However, the cost of the most expensive motorcycle in the company is approximately $ 7,000.
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