kilogram is got a new definition!

kilogram is got a new definition!
kilogram is got a new definition!

In France, there is a worldwide standard of measuring the quantity of platinum containing hybrid platinum in Paris by a 'one kilogram' weight in France.

Scientists have been worried about the decay of decay for decades. Ultimately, Max Planck's constant and Brian Kimbal's mix of comfort.

Since the mathematical calculation method is correct, the BBC is now able to find kilograms of weight at any time, from any place.

In France on Friday, scientists gave their verdict in support of the new definition of kilograms at international conference on weight and size determination. As a result, not the weight of 'l grad k', kilograms will be defined in the light of electric waves.

This will not change the standard weight of daily weight. But this will lead to breakthrough changes in drug industry, nanotechnology and metallic combination.

"This is an extraordinary event and an unforgettable moment. If there is a bit of regret for the change in the standard of measure, then the new method seems to work very well, I think. It does not seem to wait for the implementation to begin, "said Paradis Williams of the National Laboratory of Labor (NPL) in the UK.

Since 1989, the kilogram measurement was started in Batkhara, equivalent to the proof of 'La Grand K' in Paris. It is spread in the country by making replicas of the metal ring for the same weight system throughout the world.

Since then, at least once in every decade, the masses of 'la grandson' and their replicas were measured. In recent years, scientists believe that the main metal is losing weight.

Replicas are losing weight. Though there was no thought of that, Gol Bhahedal la la Londa K.

Analysts think that the weight of the weight is losing weight due to the change in weight of the glass round which was taken out of the stored place and re-inserted at the time of measuring weight. That is why a system was looking for that there would be no such fear.

The theory of the power wave measure of Max Planck, the German scientist of the Nobel laureate, became the savior. There existed a constant 'H', which was later known as 'Planck's constant'.

The unit of this one is - kilogram square meters per second. The calculation is within kilogram, only when calculating volume and time calculation in Kellaffe

But Plank's constant 'H' value is so small that it is very small and it is quite easy to keep its accuracy. The scientist appeared as a guide. Brian Kibal In its super-Accurate set of scale, 0.000001 percent of cases will also get 'H' accurately.

Thus, a more accurate definition of kilograms, which is thrilling to meet electrical waves, is another thriller of NPL scientists Ian Robinson.

"Excellent feeling. It seems that this is the right decision. When we can implement it, it will remain stable until the far future, "he said.
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