New picture of Mars soil !

New picture of Mars
New picture of Mars

It has long been speculating about whether there is a life in Mars. Scientists have questioned whether there is a living environment or a living environment there.

Recently European Space Agency's Mars Express has sent pictures of a part of Mars. It is known that the place is actually a part of the planet Mars.
The parts of the northern and southern hemispheres are known as rocky and ebb. Floodplains were created once on Mars with the help of this marshland landscape.

The area on the right bank of the northern and southern hemispheres is also referred to as blue fissile site. The Floods Plains are a comprehensive indication of the turning point in this special debate whether there exist life on Mars. However, one thing can easily be found in the fact that what are the signs of wind, water and ice from one end to the other side of the red planet.

At the moment, Mars has a bigger identity, it is a very dry planet. However, due to different erosion, the size of the land, such as the Flood Plaines, is being considered as a very significant event on the Blue Fashi site.

Meanwhile, a recent study showed that there were several lethal poisons in the planet Mars. As a result, scientists say that after 68 days, there should be no death to any animal.
Moreover, the soil of Mars has been found to test some chemical substances with dust, causing different compounds to be produced, which is not favorable for survival of any organism. One more thing has been found in scientists. Sun's ultraviolet light effect is very high on Mars.

According to Jennifer Wardsworth, an aeronautologist at the University of Edinburgh, right now the planet Mars is not ideal for survival of an organism. But below two or three meters of soil, where the sun's ultraviolet rays do not reach, or toxic chemicals, there is no unusual existence of life. This topic is undergoing a test. However, the presence of chemicals such as iron oxide and hydrogen peroxide in the atmosphere will not allow microbial organisms to survive, scientists say.
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