other planets spacecraft coming towards the Earth!

other planets spacecraft
other planets spacecraft

A spacecraft sent to the vinculum coming towards the Earth? It's not a comet? Not an asteroid or asteroid?

At that time, a researcher at Harvard University said, "No, the cosmic object that is moving towards the Earth, 'Aumuamua' is not a comet. It's likely that it's a spacecraft sent to vin And the light is running it The light of our sun or a star like this (in the direction of) has been pushing him down from the edge of the universe and on the verge. He has inserted him from another constellation in our solar system. Again, in some cases, by pushing him out of our solar system, 'Aumuamua' will be dragged out and lighted.

Harvard University's two prominent professors, astronomer Samuel Belly and Lou Loeb, have claimed in their research paper published in The International Journal of Astrophysical Journal Letters.

In October of this year, the astronomer Robert Weirich was discovered by the astronomer Robert Weiric in the telescope of Halikala Observatory, Hawaii. Only then did the sun rise in the light of the universe, and in some cases our stranger entered the solar system, an unknown stranger coming from another star (interstellar) or galaxy (inter-galactic)? Is that cousin a cosmic object like a comet? Or, an asteroid or asteroid? Or, a spaceship roaming the planet of the Vinnshera?

After the discovery of this cosmic object, his name was 'Aumuamua'. In the language of Hawaii, which means a messenger from far away. Around 230 meters tall, 40 meters wide black-red, looking at the 'cigar' of 'Aumuamua', the estimation of astronomers, about a hundred billion years. It's a millimeter thick. Its body is fully coated with any compound of carbon. Scientists have not been able to understand its movements right now. In October last year, when the very strong gravity of the Sun, 'Aumuamua' came to our star, it was the first sight of scientists. It has not been found since three months since any of the strongest telescopes of any observer in the world. Immediately after approaching the sun, 'Amumuamaya' at an incredibly fast pace, 'far away from us' is located far away from us in the galaxy 'Milky Way galaxy' somewhere or 'hide the face'. Or, 'went into hiding' in our solar system, in an unknown, unknown end.

In a statement, Professor Loeb said, "It is not clear whether any parts of auumuya vinagraha are broken, stagnant, or still active and active, of any parts used by them. It may be that the pressure of the intense radiation of a star or a laser beam wave can be removed by inserting the 'Aumuamaya' into our solar system. Any spacecraft can be run by "pushing" the light, it is not a matter of science. Eight years ago, Japan's 'Icarus' spacecraft was pushed to light, its speed suddenly increased to a lot.

Last year a group of scientists said that 'Aumuamaya' is a comet that has no ice tails. Again, there is nothing in the comet's head such as gas and dust, and there is nothing in the head of 'Aumuamua' or any part of its body. But before that it was a lagakata comet

In June of this year, European Space Agency scientist Marco Mitchelli showed that only the strong gravity of the Sun or the constellation of a star is not being run by the force of 'Aumuamua'. So it's not a planet or asteroid. Rather it is running out of gas from the outside. So they thought it was a comet.

But this October, astronomer Roman Rafikov of the University of Cambridge said that it is such a 'fluttering, eccentric' that it has no specific orbit. When it comes to the sun or a star in the orbit, it is not in the case of the 'Aumuamua', as the strong winds or gases of the comet came out of the comet. So it's not a comet. Not any asteroids.
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