play mobile game to win real gold!

play mobile game to win real gold!
play mobile game to win real gold!

If you win games on mobile, then you can win prizes. Gold is available as a prize. Even though it is surprising to hear, gold joins an online mobile game named Planet Gold Rush. The game meets the Google Play Store. Donald Trump Country America is quite popular in America.

Every day the gamers get a chance to win the gold while playing the tournament to win gold. One o'clock of gold will get one o'clock in gold. Which is equal to about 4 grams of weight. One person can win a maximum of two ounces of gold every week. However, good gamers will get extra gold gifts at the end of the week.

One who won the gold in the game shared his experience on YouTube. He said the game is difficult to play. Different steps have to be taken to win gold.

According to news agency CNN, it is going to play this game in 24 countries including America, Australia, New Zealand and more than one country in Europe.

A man named Todd Hoffman is giving gold to the winners. This game has been launched since 2017.
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