Playstation controller coming to the full touch screen?

Playstation controller
Playstation controller

For more than 20 years, Sony's PlayStation Controller has not changed much. Now the company has made a new patent with this controller. This patent shows that the company is likely to bring a full touchscreen pad in place of the Dualcell 4 Touch Sensitive Control Pad - it is said in the technology site Virg's report.

Earlier, Sony pointed out the introduction of an interactive controller. Then the company now comes with the marketed LED light bar PS4 Controller.

Earlier, it was seen in the NikonDo Wyu Gaming Console. Even before that Sega Dreamcast device also had this feature.

Developers used the DualCash 4 controller's touchpad as a big paj button. Moreover, adding screen to PlayStation Controller will increase its price. Still, the idea is to add curtains to the controller and move towards the right.

For now, it's just new patents. It is not possible to confirm that the curtain will be added to the Sony Gaming Controller in the future.
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