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facebook security 

You may not understand the photos of family members posted on Facebook. But what does Facebook know about the picture? Facebook has recently applied for a patent, so it's easy to show special ads for all members of the family. They will analyze the family picture you posted for. On May 10 this year, Facebook applied, which was published on November 15.

It is said in the petition that Facebook algorithm can identify different elements in the image. Meanwhile, Facebook or Facebook will create a complete profile of Facebook users' family to find other information about faces or pictures. If Facebook implements this program, new programs will be added to their programs targeted at family members.

Currently analyzing various information to identify family members of Facebook. According to market research firm Marketing Land, analyzing the relationship profile of Facebook profile, such as the name matches, location, similar life event shares, check-in etc. But Facebook will collect information in a more advanced way. The photo tag, description, picture will be collected by the poster's IP address and information. There are so many members in the family who know about Facebook The more information Facebook has, the more attraction the advertisers will be. Because advertisers know the information about age, gender, socioeconomic status, but advertise.

According to the technology website The Vurz, in an example, there are two women in the film posted by a male Facebook user. Friends are tagged in any photo but they have presence. A young girl is seen in a single picture, titled 'My Angel'. The system of Facebook is then assumed that there are three members in the family between a man and two women. The woman can identify a wife and a daughter between two of them. Many times the guesswork in Facebook is not right. But it is advantageous to attract advertisers using such information.

Market analysts say Facebook has recently given importance to bringing family members closer. They also opened a special device for video chat called Portal. This allows family members to chat or video calls. The smart camera in it has improved face tracking system. Facebook says it will use the calls and apps from this device to be used to show advertisements on other platforms.

Facebook usually patents the technology or runs it, it does not always open it. It will be time to analyze whether photos will be introduced directly to the family to identify family members by analyzing photos.
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