PUBG game's unknown information and secret mystery for PUBG gamers

PUBG game's unknown information and secret mystery
PUBG game's unknown information and secret mystery

PUBG game's unknown information and secret mystery

Assalamu Alaikum Friends, I hope everyone is well. Today we will share with you the unknown information and secret mystery of the PUBG game. So let's start some unknown information about PUBG games. If the post looks a bit better for you, then you can not share it with your friends.

The detail of the PUBG game is given below

How many people playing the PUBG game

According to 20 June 2018, the monthly average is approximately 227 million, and about 87 million people daily play the game. About 14 million people in Bangladesh play every day. Among them I am a PUBG lover. If you want to play the game with us, then send it to your game's id comment.

World Record in PUBG Games

When the game was released in a platform called March 32 sim in 2017, two million copies were sold within a month. PUBG game is the world's largest selling game. If you can think of how this game is demanding in Bangladesh then you have a small reward.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

PUBG game to play computer rules of the game

PUBG game's best car details

The game is first released

Game Meetings comes to the first man 23 March 2017 The game is about to be released in Steam's beta program by Microsoft for Windows, December 20 2017 The whole game is released for the general public. The release of the game for smartphones is February 9th 2018. The same day was released for Android and iPhone.

What is virtual bandana?

A few months before any games are available, you can order the game to be free. PUBG is a virtual bandentar from PUBG, who had ordered a few months before the game was released. Inside the game you can use the virtual bandena. There are many people who buy virtual bands with just $ 1,000 and use them only inside the game. Below are the virtual bands that you can see

There is a record of the highest PUBG game play on the Internet simultaneously

Did you know that it has recorded around the world at around 1342587 internet record. This world record was earlier DOTO 2 games. PUBG broke it

You can see many BOTS in PUGB

If you are playing a PUBG game, you know that the game starts when there are 100 people in a game. All of the 100 people do not have people but there are few people inside the game and there are some BOTS. This makes it a lot easier for us to play games. If there were 100 people out of 100, then our games were very difficult to play. People were very clever and BOTS many attacks. This makes playing games a lot easier.

The name of this game is why PUBG is

This game can play the game by not disclosing all its names. Anyone who wants to play the game can use the name instead of his name. The name of this game is named PlayerNanon's Battleground, ie PUBG is the full name. Player Unkownsn's Battleground

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

When we win a level in the PUBG game, then we are given Winner Winner Chicken Dinner means many of us do not know. People used to win the chicken dinner after the previous people won the game when they won the gambling. For this reason, if we win any level within the game, we are given Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

That's why the game has not been promoted

The game becomes very popular for ordinary people without any publicity. Saying an event, this game is absolutely free to promote. The game became popular in this way. If a game is really good then the game does not have to be promoted. The man started playing the game, and thus the game started.

The number of players is approximately 10 million
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