Remote cancel,The brain will controll the TV!

The brain will controll the TV!
The brain will controll the TV!

What is it, if you think only the TV channel changes or the noise increases? Technology company Samsung is a dream that looks like this. They are creating a type of TV system, which does not require remote or remote control, the brain will control the TV! Under the Pantheus project, Switzerland, with the Ecole Polytechnic Federal de Loyzene (EPFL) in Switzerland, the organization wants to give people with serious physical disabilities a chance to enjoy their favorite programs without any help.

Why and how will it work?

Last week a sample of this TV system was shown at the conference of manufacturers in the United States San Francisco. There ACPFL senior scientist Ricardo Chavariyaga said, "Those who can not move or move very hard, they are thinking about the taste of their technology." In this process, a brain computer interface (BCI) will be used to connect the TV to the brain, so that an i-motion tracker will be available for monitoring a headset with 64 sensors and eye movements. Scientists are now taking brainwave samples for determining how human brain behaves if you want to see pictures. From that time on, the system will review the brainwave and find out what the user is trying to do and can check it by seeing eye movements.

When will come to the market?

Although very useful for paralyzed and physically challenged people, it is not being open to the public soon. There are still experimental stages. The sensorized helmet has to be choked on the head before heading to the head. Of course, it is better to find or keep a remote, is not it? In addition to Samsung and EPFL, there is more work to do, which is successful if brains and TVs are able to communicate directly through the brainwave without interruption. This system can be very beneficial especially for people with the highest level of para-pneumonia. Besides, some other organizations are working with BCI, which may one day give people the ability to communicate directly with the device. It is said of Elon Mask's 'neuralink', which uses the ultrahah bandwid's brain-machine communication technique to connect between humans and computers.

can be saved by uploading mind to computer?

Brain and memory retention are classified as 'Transhumanism' category. With the help of technology and scientists, it is possible that the human body can be taken from its present form to another. Transhumanism Those who spread the concept of uploading mind ideas directly to the computer, Ray Kergell, the director of Google's engineering wing, is one of those who believe that by 2045 people will be able to upload their entire brain to the computer. Just like a science fiction! Even using virtual reality technology, it is possible to save the person's personality and memories of death even after the death of a well-known futureist. Kaku He said, 'Imagine, after the death of your loved one you can talk to him ... it is possible, if his personality can be kept in a computer, just like the avatar!'

What critics say

Criticism of these concepts is also not less. McGill University's neuroscientist Hendricks told MIT that these technologies are nothing but jokes. Neurologist Miguel Nicollees believes that such technology can not be made in reality. He simply said, "The brain is not capable of counting and no engineer can reproduce it. You will not be able to create consciousness through all the world's computers.
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