Samsung's folded smartphone unveiled, coming soon to market

Samsung's folded smartphone
Samsung's folded smartphone

The world's leading smartphone Samsung's folded smartphone is coming soon. This handset has recently unveiled a spectacular event in San Francisco, USA, the world's largest mobile handset maker.

It is known that Samsung will start commercial production within the month of the month The main attraction of the phone is the display, which is bigger than the tab. You can also fold it and put it in a pocket like a smartphone.

It is believed to be 'the world's smartphones' on behalf of the company.

The display in the mobile is 7.3 inches, which is a lot of tablet size. However, even after closing the phone, the 'Cover Displays' can be seen, if needed urgently, it can be used without unfolding.

Originally, Samsung has not unveiled it for more than five years, it has been said that Samsung's new handset is aiming to excel 'Hawaii' mobile.

Last week, Band Rool Flexpey, known in the mobile world, unveiled their Flodder phone, which was one step ahead of Samsung and Hawaii phones.

However, Samsung has designed them five years ago, but it has not been released until the event, it is believed that Royal Flexi has released their folder phone in the market.

This new phone will be able to run three apps simultaneously at the same time, which did not have any mobile.
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