Scientists tell the terrible future of the earth!

Scientists tell the terrible future of the earth!
Scientists tell the terrible future of the earth!

When the world is becoming increasingly endangered by pollution or warming, scientists have given a message of a different danger. They said that one day may come, the day the world becomes dehydrated, this world will fall.

According to the scientists, the tectonic plates located inside the Earth are tanging in the ocean waters due to the bottom of each other. Enormous depth of water entering the underground. As a result, water level is decreasing. Sea disappears in a gradual way. The day may come when the planet will become dehydrated.

Researchers from the earthquake sources have reached this information. By analyzing the lines captured by the seismograph, they showed that the Pacific Plate in the Marinas Trench region of the Pacific Ocean was entering the Philippine Plate. As a result, the water of the ocean is entering or saying it is lost in the underground.

The University of Washington's University of Geology researcher Weisen Shane, Douglas A. Venus, has identified this phenomenon as a danger.

Earthquake trends are increasing because of this their ideas are increasing.
The researchers said that the amount of seawater that entered the underground is impossible. In contrast to this paper, several experts have even questioned the amount of water that goes underground, does not the quantity of water come out of volcanic eruption? Chen Kei, one of the researchers, said that they are re-investigating this issue.

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