Some easy ways to speed up the old computer

Some easy ways to speed up the old computer
Some easy ways to speed up the old computer

It is not possible to work more than two years old computer. Or the new bought laptop takes 10 minutes to launch! Many of these kinds of problems like laptops or computers can be easily removed by yourself.Just need a little regular checkup and checkup.


Normally we do not notice what's going on inside the computer. When computer is going to be one or two years old, in the normal way, there is a coolness on the CPU, there is a disruption of cooling in the accumulation of dust. Apart from this, there is a thinner thermal paste layer under the fan and the CPU, and with time it also gets a bit dry. As a result, the heat from the CPU can not reach the cooler.

From now on, use the software called HWMonitor (free to use). Take a look at the times - when the computer is running, and when working very well, how much is the maximum temperature If you see generally walking between 35-40 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 75 degrees, there is no reason to worry. If the temperature increases with it, clean the inner dust well.

In many cases it is done. But otherwise, the thermal paste might have to be changed. If you can not help yourself, take the help of an experienced person.
Hard Disk Slow:
The computer is taking a lot of time? Or is it a lot of time to open a file? Take a good look at how much rpm your laptop's hard disk speed If it is 5,400 rotation per minute, it will be slow from the normal 7,200 rpm hard disk, there is nothing to do. Make sure to buy it before buying. But if your normal 7,200 rpm hard disk becomes slower than before, defrag it. As a result, all the information that is available on hard disks, all in a specific part, will not spread across the hard disk, so when you search for a file, you can find it quickly, and use it open. If you have a new computer, then start the Fast Boot using BIOS Settings at the beginning, then Windows will start faster.

Proper Use of RAM:

Even though there are 8 GB RAM, almost half of the RAM is full while opening a few tabs, then there is no way to work like photos or video edits. In this case, you have to be careful that the computer has started the software behind the start of the computer. In many cases, many such software is also launched, which you might not have used any day, or very few uses. From Task Manager, see what software is being launched on startup. Close all unnecessary software. See what the software has on auto update, for which your computer and net can be slow, close all. Update manually according to your own needs. Keep in mind that cache memory and temp files, regular junk files are about to be cleared Not only the RAM, the whole computer will be fast, you will benefit. C-Cleaner (C Cleaner) is a software that can be freely available, and you will do all these tasks in one click.

Update Required:

Generally, when we see an update, we can put it 'Remote Meter'. But in many cases it is not only necessary, it is also good to keep your computer safe. Wanrai is not a long time ago. It is a virus that will keep your computer in a state of hacking, you can not do anything until you pay the money according to the demand. But before this virus came, the Windows update was made for all users, and those who had updated, did not do anything. The updates are mostly meant to meet a new feature or an old problem, so update the software you need.

Clean format:

Desktop admission Icon, file, hard disk almost filling, in such a situation the computer will run slower than usual, that is normal. Best of all, backup all files on a hard disk, clean format. That's right, after installing all the software, creating bookmarks, logging in with all the mail IDs, thousands of shortcuts. But if you think that the computer should run a little better than before, then you have to leave your unaccustomed habit, or clean format.
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