16 lens camera smartphone is coming!

16 lens camera smartphone
16 lens camera smartphone 
South Korean multinational corporation LG Corporation is not a dual, three or four, it is going to bring a phone of 16 lenses to the market. In 2011, LG came in the market with a dual camera called the LG Optimi 3d smartphone.

Then in 2016, when Dual cameras were launched, LG was one of the largest. LG was one of those who introduced the dual cameras to smartphones. They were one of the first line brands in that job.

LG Corporation has already applied for patent applications to bring 16 lenses of the camera. It has also been said in the application that each lens will contain pictures from different angles. On November 20, LG Electronics received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It will have 16 lens cameras and matrix setup.

The lenses can take pictures from different directions. Even if you want a user from these lenses, you can take pictures with any one.

Also, a photo can also be taken using different lenses at the same time. If a man is taken as a subject, his head and any organs can be taken separately by selecting them. However, LG still does not tell when they will start work with the phone.
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