Alien has already visited Earth. NASA's claim

The aliens have already traveled in the world. We are looking for the aliens who are moving forward in technology in the wrong place.

Even the stars are very efficient at traveling. That's exactly what NASA scientists think.
Sylvão P. Colomão, working in NASA's intelligence department, said, "I want to say one thing, what we are looking for in our knowledge is that we can get it, and maybe we can find them."

According to him, the technology of aliens is much better than our technology. On the other hand, our knowledge about space is very short.

Colombo's idea, the development of human civilization began 10 thousand years ago. However, only 500 years ago, science was developed. So what is the difficulty in telling us how much technology will move forward and at what speed it is going to move forward.

Alerting about the radio wave, he said that the technology of radio wave technology could go old.
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