Android pie is coming to Galaxy S9

Android pie is coming to Galaxy S9
Android pie is coming to Galaxy S9

Samsung has started updating the latest version of the Android operating system in the Galaxy S9 to Android pie.

Samsung has unveiled new updates initially in European countries This update was found in Germany, Netherlands and Slovakia.

Samsung's own new One UI has been used in the Android pie version. It will have special advantages for using large screens. Apart from this, other features have also been improved in One UI.

The new Android update is expected to be delivered very fast on Samsung devices. Previous Android updates have come late for Samsung devices.

Although this update is fast, Samsung is lagging behind Nokia, Wanplus and HTC.

In order to speed up updates on Android devices, Google launched 'Project Treble' in early 2007. Despite the launch of this project, until October this year, the Android version of Android or its next version of Android device was just 21.5 percent.

Samsung is fast growing Android updates Customers had to wait seven months to get Android Orio updates in Galaxy S8. And it took about five months to update Android nugata in Galaxy S7.

Samsung announced on behalf of the annual developers' conference this year, January 2015 will be fully open to the full update of the world.
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