Discovery is the most distant planet in the Solar System

His position on the edge of the solar system is his. Scientists have been searching for him for a long time.

The pink halo can not be seen, they just do not understand. Finally, the source of that pink cover is irrational a group of scientist. As a result, the most distant planet in the Solar System is discovered.
Scientists whose name is 'Far Out' Astronomers have discovered the dwarf planet located 120 times more than the distance from Earth to the Sun. Ice dhaka he is very slow in the movements of Far Out. Sun is turning around this planet in a thousand years.

On Monday (December 17th) International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Center is about the advent of this planet. The language of science has been given the name of this astrology in 2018-VG-18

The Solar System is located at the very last end. The distance of Pluto from the Sun, which is more than three times the distance from it.
Earth's distance from the Sun, which is 96 times more distant, In this era, the cosmic object is located far away from the solar system. But in this distance, Eris is known to have fakes out.

Carnegie Institution of Washington astronomer Scott S. Shepard is the founder of this pink astrology. His assistant was Professor David Tholen of Hawaii University and professor of Northern Arizona University 'Trujillo'.

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