Fuel will be made from sea water, scientists demand!

Fuel will be made from sea water, scientists demand!
Fuel will be made from sea water, scientists demand!

We all know the lack of energy around the world. Gasoline-diesel and mineral oil reserves are gradually running out.

Scientists are searching for alternate fuels. In such circumstances, the University of California researcher Greg Row said that the option is at hand. Only a little effort can be found.
Greg says alternative energy may be made from sea water. Hydrogen gas to be dissolved in sea water molecules And for that we have to use electrolysis method. It is possible to produce this energy in the reaction of the water in the chemical reaction.

Hydroxide ions and hydrogen ions can be separated through electrolysis. This hydroxide will absorb carbon dioxide from the air. Bio carbonate will create

After that, special fuel can be made from there.
This bio carbonate will not in any way contaminate the eco system of the sea. According to the study, the electricity generated by solar power and wind power has earned the status as an alternative fuel, so the new water from the ocean water will show the new path to the world.

This fuel is called hydrogen fuel. Its costs are much lower than scientists say. Scientists believe that the amount of carbon dioxide in the air will be significantly reduced in the air.

Earlier, a European research project in Ireland provided samples of energy from SeaWeeds or Allgie under the water of the sea. The researchers found that the oil that was extracted from the marine shawl was used to make biofuel. Scientists have said that there is no fertilizer to cultivate C-Wide, the land does not take place. The C-Wide also grows very quickly, and in six months it is full.

Some types of algae, which contain carbohydrates in sea shale, which can be used to make bioethanol. Some other aliases contain oil, which can be converted into biodiesel.

Researchers are aware of making these types of fuel commercially accessible. They are mainly trying to increase the amount of oil in algae growing and algae. Researcher Julie Magwur said, research has shown that in this shawl there will be 7 to 31 times more oil than the cultivated crops.
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