Moon particle at auction!

Moon particle at auction!
Moon particle at auction!

The 1970s 'Luna 16' mission was carried out in the world, the three pieces of the satellite. Later, the Russian government presented them to the late Chief Designer and director Sergei Pavlovich Korolev's wife Nina Ivanovna Corolla of the Soviet Space Program.

In 1993, a person who bought them for $ 4.45 and 500 dollars was an unknown person. On Thursday, the moon piece of auction took place in New York on Thursday. A US collector bought this But for the sake of security, the name has been kept secret.

Chandra, a resident of millions of miles away from the Earth, Its mass is millions of tons. Yet there are very few 'monarch' or moons in the world. Between 1969 and 1972, there were 382 kilograms of soil in the six-seater Apollo mission.

The Soviet era brought them three 'Luna landers' to 301 grams.

But the problem is that most of the samples brought in America and Russia are secretly in government custody. They can not be sold or bought.
Sadabi said, it is occasionally available to buy Munkar in the market. But they are stolen things, otherwise fake.

The only exception is the sample of Russian 'Luna 16'. There is also an exceptional story behind him. There was no man in the expedition. A robot was sent. He brings the moon particles. Three pieces brought in a small glass box were arranged.

Inscription down the five-by-five-meter metal plates, Anna Muncher of Luna 16. To set up a magnifier, to enlarge the Moon particles. These were also government property. Later, he was given to the wife of Corleve. Corollov was a pillar of space research in Soviet He died in 1966.

Survivor from Stalin's persecution, Corlebov later became the architect of Soviet space research. By his hand, the Soviets made the first rocket launcher, sending artificial satellite to space, sending animals in space, sending the first man, sending one to the first woman. But the government has kept the Kandari of many 'first' in strategic reasons.

After his death, his wife was given a piece of lunar 200 milligrams of lunar 16 pieces of recognition or compensation. After the fall of the Soviet era, the munera auction took place in 1993. Then again they took auction auction of them.
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