What is the reason for bio hacking or hacking your own body?

People who want to literally embrace the technology with their own body, a group of them is now called 'Biohachers'. Because of such nomenclature, they are trying to 'hack' their biology and organize their bodies or brains so that they can work better.
For example, the British teenage Raven Brooks is going to be a biopark for the first time. He is putting a special chip under his own skin so that he can automatically open his car lock with his hands.

After the successful operation, when the doctor said to him, "Now you are a cyborg or biohacker" - then the RABON was not happy that the chip that is inserted can actually be programmed so that it can be linked to any website. Beyohacking, however, is becoming increasingly popular.

Raven's surgeon said that this is a different attraction of the Bayohacking, more people are now seeking to do it. They want to 'upgrade' their lives in the cyborg stage.
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