Which is the most popular new iPhone?

most popular new iPhone?
most popular new iPhone?

For some time the technology has spread the negative buzz about Apple's new iPhone in the world Many market analysts said that new iPhones are not being sold as expected. They said that Apple is reducing the production due to the low demand of new iPhones. The most talked about was Apple's low-profile iPhone version of the XR model. The Apple authorities gave positive information about the model. A senior Apple official claims that the iPhone has the highest selling iPhone since its release.

Vice President of Product Marketing Department Greg Joswiak said in an interview with the Senate website, "Since leaving the market, iPhone XR is our most popular iPhone. Of course, he did not mention how much the phone had been selling since October in the market.

The Apple authorities have said that, no matter how many units they have been selling since the month of December, they will not even know. Instead, you will be told about the income from the iPhone. The same policy will be adopted for iPad and Mac devices.

Last September, Apple announced the new model of the three iPhones. But before that there was a buzz around the iPhone's affordable model of iPhone. But after coming to the market in the market, its demand has decreased because of the news of technical websites. Apple has reduced production of X-ray models, and Apple points out close sources.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the company has plans to reduce the price of the iPhone XR model in Japan at the beginning. According to the report, Apple will provide subsidies to Japanese telecom operators. The iPhone 8 model is still popular in the country. The buyers of the new iPhone market did not think of the buyers.

Reuters reported that the demand for X-ray models in the market as affordable price is low. Apple has asked Foxcon and Pegatron to reduce the production of new iPhone Apple Apple Apple is ready with smaller organizations as well as smaller companies in need. Initially, Foxcon had set 60 production lines for the iPhone XR model. But due to low demand, currently working on 45 production lines.

The Wall Street Journal says Apple has brought the X model as the low-cost iPhone this year. Apple will create less than 3 million units less than expected US $ 749. Initially, the company had plans to leave the 10 million units of the iPhone XR market. But due to lack of demand, Apple had to move away from the targets.

Technology analysts do not have innovation in the new three models of iPhone this year. Its design is like the iPhone X in the market last year. However, due to the different features of the price difference came. In the United States, the 64 GB iPhone XR is priced at $ 749. US $ 799 and $ 899 respectively to buy 128 GB and 256 GB of XR. IPhone XS price starts at 999 USD The price of six and a half inch iPhone X Max starts at $ 1,999.

Market analysts say buyers are not able to buy this because of the huge iPhone cost. Outside of the world smartphone market decreased worldwide. In the third quarter of the year, the number of global smartphone market reached 38 million 68 million units. According to the quarter ended September 30, the rate of smartphone sales in the world decreased by 3 percent.

According to the market monitor service report made counterpoint research, South Korean firm Samsung has topped the smartphone market. Huawei has come down and Apple has dropped three. Buyers are also risking other brand flagship phones to prevent iPhone.

A senior Apple official said on a positive note about the X-ray in front of the smartphone market.

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