The importance of science

The importance of science
The importance of science

In 1955, scientists at the National Academy of Sciences, Richard Feynman, spoke of his mind about the importance of science in society. The words are equally true even today.

Richard Feynman

Occasionally I have to hear that scientists should think a little more about social issues. In particular, it should be responsible for the impact of scientific discovery in society. Other scientists like me might have heard of this. It is thought that if the scientists once left their minor problems and were concerned about the serious problems of the society, then the unprecedented success was waiting.

We are not scientists who are not really concerned about these problems. But I do not always get stuck in full-time. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, we do not know any magic that the solution will be solved when it comes to headache. Secondly, social problems are more tangled than scientific problems. Every time you try to get them back, do not move too far.

I think, there is no difference between a scientist and a neighbor's next doormaker while thinking about the unscientific problem. If you open your mouth about social problems, both of them are equally incompatible. Since the question of the importance of science in the society is not a scientific question, I would prove myself to myself by saying something about it.

However, we are all familiar with a donation of science. We can make thousands of things in science, we can, many things. Of course not all science's achievements. When scientific creation uses any good, it also recognizes our values. Scientific knowledge can be overcome by duality, but the instructions do not give science. Applying his power properly will lead to welfare of the society but may also be contrary to the abuse.

This is a problem of mankind. Once upon a trip to Honolulu, we learned a way to express this problem. The pilgrims in a Buddhist temple were playing a lesser role in the Buddhist religion of the passengers. Finally he said that he is going to talk about something that nobody can ever forget. I did not forget. Buddhism is a proverb:

"The key to heaven is given to everyone, but the door of hell is opened in that key."

Then what is the benefit of getting the key to heaven? Have a profit. Although it is dangerous to use that key if you do not know what is the door to heaven, which is hell, so the value of the key can not be denied. If it does not go to heaven?

If there is no guide, nothing will happen if there is no guide. So even though the ultimate defeat came in the hands of science, it can not be removed because science has the potential to do something at least in hand.

Another contribution to science is the brainwashing opportunity. Some people read the science, learned from it or thinking about it. Some people find happiness in science by pursuing science. This brainwashing thing can not be blown away. But the scientists who want to be more aware of the social impact of science, they do not have much to think about this aspect.

Is this personal satisfaction any value for the whole society? Not at all. But there is a need to think about why society is here. Is society ultimately a complex arrangement for everyone's personal enjoyment? If so, then there is less happiness in science and less than five enjoyable objects.

But this is not the end here. We do not want to hide the attitude of mankind as a result of scientific efforts. The ancient poet or visionary who could not even imagine, today we can think of it effortlessly. We have seen how nimble our imagination is to nature. Consider, what is more surprising: We have a turtle swimming in an underwater sea, an elephant on it, we have 1, or an unknown attraction, we are sticking with a sphere that has been around for several million years, and also hangs half a hurdle?

I have thought many things about this issue. Speaking of those thoughts, you may have repeatedly said that you too have thought. You've got to think because you know the information that the people of the past did not have.

Like this, suppose I go to the beach, stand there and start thinking.

The flowing waves in front, the molecule, which is completely different from each other, but they are all making a single white foam together.

Over the years, when no vision touched him, he came to the shore with his flowing time and fell asleep today. For what, for what? On a dead planet where the probability of life is uncertain.

Restless, power-driven, cherished by the sun, this creation is in the middle. The ocean's ocean all around the dot point.

The same molecules are formed in the ocean, from which the new complex molecules are formed. By the way, they produce more molecules on their own, starting a new dance.

Increases in volume, complexity Life's spontaneity, molecule of atom, DNA, protein, dancing crafts are more durable

They come to give a cigarette to the island. Due to double-strings, the dangers of the conscious atoms, the curiosity of the eyes.

At the end, they came and stood on the shores of the sea, wondering with their own surprise, one of them was created with a world atom, but there was an atom in between the universe.

The greatest adventure

This thrill, this surprise in front of the greatness of nature, it comes repeatedly when we can reach the bottom of any problem. As much as I can know, the mystery is concentrated more, pulling in more with the hips. Without the frustration of frustration, instead of cheating and cheering, the field is filled with a smile. Neither do I find out where the strange wonders await us. Awakening new questions, new mysteries Is this an adventure either?

Such a divine experience does not come in sophistication if you do not know science. Our poets do not write about this. Our artists do not try to highlight this romance. That is why I do not understand. Is not the inspiration that we have seen standing in the universe today? The precious gift of science does not return to the face of the pastors. So listen to the poem or poetry written in the evening, instead of lyrics. Nah, the time has not come yet to tell the age of science.

One reason may be that you have to learn to read this rhythm, because of lack of education you can not recognize it. Suppose, in a scientific article, something like this is written: "The amount of radioactive phosphorus in the cerebrum region of a mice becomes halfway in two weeks." What do these words mean?

It means that the phosphorus (or in your brain) that was two weeks before a rat brain, they are no longer. The brain's atoms are constantly changing.

So, what is the brain, from where the consciousness comes through atoms? Really amazing! The potatoes that I had eaten last week have kept in mind somehow what was going on my head a year ago. There is nothing left in the head.

In other words, when scientists discover how the brain's atoms are transferred, they must read the news like this. It is worth noting that my amity is just a decoration of the atom, the atoms in it have no stability. Just a little earlier I talked about dance, so it is just so. The atoms come to the brain, their dancing breaks away. The new atom, but the rhythm of the dance itself remains the same.

Good bad education

At one time it was thought that the possibilities did not occur in people because most people are uneducated. But if the education campaign is successful then will everyone be made a voltaire? Kushakasaha can also be given the same. Whatever the power of education, it can be managed in the right direction.

Then once thought that if people can establish communication everywhere they will learn more. But there is a rift in this thought: In the medium of communication, it can be used to stick, it can also be claimed. The words that are being trafficked through this can really be false. So communication is also a vehicle which can be run on both ends.

Evidence from the applied sciences was that they would at least liberate people from the scars of everyday life. For example, in the treatment of medicines. There is no doubt about it here. On the other hand, there are some people who make this pandemic or anomalies in the science of this applied science with horror. They will be released in tomorrow's war.

Let's talk about the war. Nobody wants to fight. The dream of everyone is peace. If there is peace, only then will the full development of man. But who can say that in the future we will not feel that this peace can be both good and bad. Maybe people will be in the habit of drunkenness to spend the boredom of his peaceful life. Then maybe the problem of drinking will be a problem that people can make their full development.

But there is peace around the world, refraining from drinking, comfort of daily life, communication system, education, dream of idealists, all a terrible power.

And such power is far more than our ancestors. Maybe we have made some improvements by using this. But it was about to do a lot more than it did, which I did, and much more.

Why did this happen? Why could not win ourselves?

Because the power is not enough, do not come along with the way to use it. For example, as we know about nature's behavior, it seems that there is no specific purpose in it. Science did not come to rescue from this motivation. He does not teach anything directly.

Everybody has always been harassed to find the meaning of life. They felt that if only one meaning or direction could be given to our activities, then the dams of possibilities within the human race would have collapsed. So there are many answers to this question. But he is different from the answer. Those who believe in a particular answer, they panic and see the activity of another team. The other party's believers are pushing all the possibilities of mankind into a dirty black hole! To be honest, the philosophers may have got the taste of the infinite power of human beings, because of blind belief that people can defeat that terrible destruction. It's just waiting to show the right path.

What that way What is the meaning of this huge arrangement? Why is there any solution to the mystery?

If we know today what to look for him - what the ancient people knew, which they did not know, but we know today - then one thing is open to accept: we do not yet know the answers to the above questions.

But I do not know, by accepting that, maybe we have found that right path.

It's not new. This is the principle of rationalist civilization. This philosophy has brought us democracy. When people understand that a person does not know how to run a government, such a system is created so that opportunities can be created for new ideas, they can be used, and any other thought can be welcomed freely. Whoever is called trial and error system It was possible because at the end of the eighteenth century, there was some indication of the success of science. Those thinking about the social system realized that profit books would not be harmed if they did not sit in ignorance and went through the state of possibilities. Acceleration is possible through suspicion and discussion. If you want to solve a problem which I have not done before, then you have to keep the doors of possibilities open.

The responsibility of scientists

We are still human beings. So we are fighting with many problems that are normal. How many more thousands of years are waiting for us. We should make as much as possible possible, learn as much as possible, run the next generation of solutions in a few hours. But do not forget to give the freedom to think about future people. In the adolescence of the human race, we can make mistakes that will stabilize our development for a long time. One mistake in it is to claim all answers now. Now the age or how much of us! Now if all the talks stop criticism, if we say: "Diameter, this is the end! We saved mankind! ", Then we will be imprisoned by the people of the future for a long time. The prisoner is bound by our limited imagination. This is how many times before.

So, as a scientist we must, in keeping with the philosophy of this ignorance, preach the freedom of thought. It teaches that it does not have to be afraid of asking questions, rather it should be openly discussed in a smile. Our goal is to keep the freedom of this thought alive for future generations.

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